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Debut Music video Jade out now !


Who is David D'Angelo?



David D'Angelo is a Peruvian-American producer and multi-instrumentalist who crafts a unique blend of electronic, hip-hop, funk, and neo soul into his sonic creations. Currently based in New Orleans, this young producer released his debut EP Born in Paradise in late 2016 while touring New Zealand. New Zealand’s leading music magazine and blog, NZ Musician, compared Born in Paradise to work from artists like Mndsgn, Dam Funk, and Snarky Puppy.

Sonically, Born in Paradise is an amalgamation of g-funk inspired hip-hop production, smooth neo soul piano, funky synths and electronic soundscapes. Thematically, the EP is about viewing the world as paradise and treating it as such.

David has performed internationally and alongside noteworthy acts such as Grammy Award nominated trumpeter and producer Christian Scott, LA bred producer AF THE NAYSAYER, and future funk band Naughty Professor. David has also been featured on Balcony TV New Orleans, where his video peaked at #1 on their charts.